We can either advise on what can be achieved with your budget or, taking your design needs into account, advise on the budget required for the job. Because no two jobs are exactly the same, we would firstly clarify what your requirements are before quoting for your project. We provide a clear breakdown in costs for design and production so that you can adjust your order according to how much you wish to spend.

How long will it take?

This depends on the size of the project but, with a deadline to meet, we can propose a schedule for all work which will set milestones for supply and feedback in line with our creative design process. Our preference is to keep the momentum going and to work at a constant pace until a project is finalized.

Can you advise on what PRINT material I need?

We can recommend what to prioritise and how to get the best value out of any print work in order to minimize cost, wastage and storage. All can be adapted to suit your requirements and we can stagger our services according to an agreed schedule.

How can I ensure I get the right outcome of a design project?

Our creative development process ensures that you’re involved in every step of the way. We rely on your guidance and feedback and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Progressive drafts and regular communication mean ideas are developed rather than sprung on you.

How can I measure the success of a design commission?

The success of any project relies on the investment of time and not just money. However, if the necessary research and careful consideration has gone into a design project at the beginning, you should be able to expect a good response from your market. The success of a design can be measured by how well it communicates your business message and how well it sits with your other communication channels. The key is clarity and consistency across all media.

Should I commission a designer who specialiSes in my industry?

Not necessarily. Sometimes we all get too close to our own profession to understand clearly how our market perceives us. This is when there is value in working with someone from outside. This is particularly important at the early stage of a design project when consideration is given to the desired outcome and questions are asked that an insider may not have thought of. Sometimes working with a designer who has a lot of experience in your business sector can result in material that looks very similar to your competitors’.

are there savings to be made on design or production?

Working back from your requirements – deadline, material needed, marketing schedule, budget etc, we can establish where the priorities should lie in creating something that is as cost-effective as results-effective. If we know where the constraints lie early on, we can help you to make savings where necessary. We use a number of local and national suppliers and obtain quotations before presenting you with the prices that are most cost-effective, without compromise on quality.

Where do I begin with putting together a design brief?

We like to see the brief as the clear expression of a design requirement. When articulated effectively – that is to say if the right questions are asked – the solution is easier to find. It is important to get the brief right before any design work is undertaken. We will work with you to achieve this and agree the requirements.

How should we communicate with you?

However extensive a design project or how many people are involved on the client or creative team, it’s important to decide who is the main point of contact, establish the preferred supply channels (for image and text content), and agree the best times and methods of communication. Keeping the momentum of a design project going means keeping the flow of communication open, with regular responses to queries and drafts in both directions.

Do I really need a full re-brand?

Your business and your market is continually evolving, but deciding on how much to change with it should be approached with sensitivity. A visual brand should stand for your heritage: it should communicate who you are now, but be flexible enough to withstand further growth. The important thing is that your brand identity needs to be in line with all you stand for and who you are addressing. Sometimes a brand re-evaluation results in a ‘refresh’ rather than a ‘rebrand’. We can advise on the best course of action, taking into account your plans for the future of your business.

Can I communicate my brand, without changing my identity?

Of course! We can work with you to understand your brand before producing design work to visually communicate all your brand values consistently. Sometimes, all that is needed is a fresh approach to tying in all your marketing material to ensure uniformity across your brand.

What can be designed?

We can produce anything from the design for a thumbnail to go on social media to the graphics to go on a zeppelin, if required. Micro to macro; 2D to 3D; digital media to paper – we can even print on water! The only limitation is your imagination.

Can you help with services other than graphic design?

Yes, we work with a network of creative minds who collaborate with us according to what’s needed for any given project. Services we project-manage include copywriting, PR, market research, photography, illustration, video, web development, and search engine optimisation (SEO). We also work closely with business growth advisers and executive coaches, so all your business development and communication needs are covered.


Drop us a line to tell us about your project and we'll get in touch to let you know how we can help. If necessary we can meet to discuss your project. Once we understand your needs, we will write a simple quote for you. If you like our work and our prices then pop a signed copy of the quote back to us and we can get cracking.


See our 'design process' for more information about our simple, three- stage design process that guarantees you have input into our work, and makes sure that our work meets your expectations.

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