We were asked to engage with a complex brief to produce a series of brand identities for Miller Health and their innovative R-O-P-E system, which also included the concept generation, photography, design and print publication of a book for our client.


The author, Dr Doreen Miller challenged us to produce a cover image for the publication which embodied her conceptual approach of maintaining a healthy workplace through engagement with four key principles of occupational health. We delivered a concept of visual 'stepping stones' on the cover of the book, with a metaphorical view on the back page inside cover of the view back across the steppingstones reflecting the journey the reader has taken in reading the book.


Despite the impact of Coronavirus on our clients business sector, we were able to help guide our client through difficult times in 2020 which led to successful publication of their book – refocusing the publication on being the definitive business risk management solution to COVID-19.




“David  is an amazing graphic designer. He has a unique way of interpreting one’s thoughts and feelings which has resulted in him creating really moving photographic images. He has made my book, The Healthy Business Bridge, How employee health creates business wealth, come alive with a truly engaging front cover which emphasises the step-by-step approach needed to achieving the solution the reader seeks.”


Dr Doreen M Miller

Managing Partner

Miller Health Management



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