Offering wildlife eco-tours and rural homestay accommodation, NatureWorks Otago is one of New Zealand’s premier tourist operators. Located close to the city of Dunedin, the company arranges visits to nearby wildlife attractions, which include the world's only mainland Royal Albatross colony. NatureWorks Otago is New Zealand's most comprehensive bird watching, nature and ecological travel service, offering custom tours for individuals, couples and small groups throughout the region.


Using the commonly seen oyster catcher as the main brand identity, we designed a unique pictographic logo for this company. Focussing on the tactile quality of print, we used die-cut uncoated paper to great effect. When separated from its back page using the perforation, this promotional leaflet turns into an A6 postcard and separate business card. Making three products out of one demonstrates how clever design can save you money, and add greater value to your company’s promotional capabilities.



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