The Caughley Society was formed in 1999. Its aims are to inform and educate in the subject of rare porcelains, to promote research and study in all matters relating to Caughley porcelain and to disseminate the useful knowledge gained for public benefit.


Working with a dedicated team of researchers, writers, editors and photographers we were commissioned to design, produce and print this stunning, limited-edition case-bound full colour reference book.  A custom referencing index tool was developed to ease the book's use. With a subtle detail – butterfly page numbers – this publication tis a joy to behold. We used a four-colour lithographic print, with a matt seal to all pages. The dust jacket has matt lamination and a spot UV varnish applied to it, and the book's hard covers are bound in a sumptuous Italian silk cloth. With two coloured marker ribbons, this impressive publication is a unique reference book for porcelain collectors all over the world.





“Ampersandesign produced a stunning book for us which has been applauded by many people.  One purchaser said, “Not only is it full of helpful, up-to-date information, but it is a work of art! The layout and photos are beautifully done. Congratulations to all who worked on this project!” Another that it was such a beautiful book he simply had to have it.


Most books of this nature are designed by printers. The reason why this one is so good is that Ampersandesign are in a different league in terms of their overall concept, design skill, attention to detail and management of the printing process.


Involved from the beginning of the project, they helped us to understand the publishing process so that we could work in the most efficient way possible. They held our hands throughout the process and helped us avoid many of the pitfalls. They also oversaw the printing of the publication and ensured the quality of the finished book was exactly right.


I would definitely use Ampersandesign again and recommend them to anyone thinking of publishing this sort of book.”


The Secretary of The Caughley Society



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